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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dream Interpreters - Have Your Way

I had the strangest dream(s) last night. The parenthesised "s" is because I never seem to know whether my dreams work in installments, with me waking up in between and falling asleep to the next episode.

I was with my cousin Nadav and someone else (possibly my brother?) in a house, with no real purpose. The problem was that there were tiny holes in the walls of this house, out of which arrows would occasionally fly at us, for no apparent reason. We thought it possible that the arrows flew out due to some kind of motion or position sensor, since it seemed that in certain places in the house (in particular I remember wanting to lie on the bed, and being bombarded with six arrows in the back especially there) the arrows were triggered more than in others. At the beginning, we tried to move as little as possible, only one step at a time, in order to find out what would trigger the arrows. After a while, during which time I pulled some arrows out of my back, bringing with them sizeable chunks of flesh, my cousin decided that he didn't want to play anymore - I think because his girlfriend wasn't letting him. So somehow he left the game. But somehow, when I decided much (and many arrows in the back) later that I didn't want to play anymore, I had to convince one of the partners from my work that it was time to stop, and he explained that there was some kind of penalty and that I would have to continue it until the end the next time anyway.

On a side note, it's interesting that I very rarely remember my dreams, in particular well into the next day. Well, it's now 2:06pm, and my recollection, though far from perfect, is admirably existent.

Anyone who would like to have a stab at interpreting the dream, may take her/his best shot.