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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Words that seem like they shouldn't exist

Alright class, today we are looking at words that seem like they shouldn't exist.

Words that look like they've got too many bits
Ungainlily? Or ungainlyly? I'm all for the second one.
In the same vein, "slyly". "Slily"? Silly.
In Hebrew: חמימים. As in, "דברים חמימים" ("warm things") (or is it "חמימיים"? Even better!)

Words that mean the opposite of themselves, or almost do
Sanction. Are you approving it? Or imposing penalties on it?
Proscribe. Just too close to "prescribe".

To be continued.


People are the most unpredictable of obstacles

Only when you ride a bicycle do you realise just how truly flippant the human spirit is. Sometimes it seems that people are going out of their way to walk backwards across an entire footpath simply to collide with you, and then blame you (me) for riding on the footpath in the first place! What, are they crazy?! I'm not going to ride on the road! That's dangerous!

And you start to create gross generalisations about people's ability to use their peripheral vision, audition and spatial sense. Men are generally more aware of the bicyclist whose path they are blocking and who is squeakily grinding to a halt behind them than women. People on mobile phones are the least aware of all. This possibly says more about the prejudiced bicyclist (me again!) than about the pedestrian.

And you start to appreciate the true complex randomness of human nature and movement. Free wills, erratically stumbling their way through life, or automatons following a complex but fixed predetermined path, have it as you will - the dance is truly beautiful. Just annoying.

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