Allegorical Nonsense

An allegory. Nonsense. Put them together. Okay, not really.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sean Lemon

To be hummed (through the nose) to the tune of Sean Lennon's "Dead Meat":

Oh this song is so na-sal
Like a peg on my no-strils
Like a peg on my no…se
Yeah-eh, yeah-eh.

Sounds like
Sounds like something familiar
Something I've heard before, like
Like an Andrew Lloyd We-bber

Not a sound on the pavement
Has the moon lost her mem-ry
She is smiling alo…ne
Yeah-eh, yeah-eh.

Th-e word "severed" is an
Anagram of "deserve"
Oh, also "red eves"
Is an anagram of "deserve".


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Said the cannibal to his victim ...

... "I just love seeing fresh faces".

I actually made that joke in a dream last night. I think it's pretty good for my subconscious.

Is anyone else a sleeping comedian?